Welcome to the team, Sylvia!


I got so excited about Drew's photos that I forgot to tell you about Sylvia!!

Thanks to a grant from National Geographic Society, and donations from the public on our GoFundMe page, we were able to purchase a boat!

Our team spent hours, days even scouring craigslist for a boat that met our criteria. Meaning a boat that was functional, big enough to fit the team, and within our price range.

We eventually met Sylvia, a stately beauty who moved here from Idaho. She was accompanied by Johnson, a 40 hp engine. Drew and Anna went to inspect them and found what we'd been looking for: a functional vessel, well cared for, and ready to hit the water.

Sylvia is the name we gave her. Named after the great Sylvia Earle, a world renown marine biologist, explorer and author, just to name a few of the hats she has worn throughout her career. She is an inspiration to our entire team, and we think this is just the kind of project she might enjoy being a part of so we unofficially add her to the team!

Johnson was born in 1976 ten years after the moratorium on hunting humpback whales in the North Pacific. It the lifetime of this engine, it has unknowingly existed along side one of the greatest comeback stories of any animal. Johnson, though old, is THE CLEANEST ENGINE any of us have ever laid eyes on. I'm proud to say after a few days on the water, both Sylvia and Johnson are running well!

Thank you to all of you who helped get her on the team!



Mike expresses our enthusiasm for owning a boat!!

Mike expresses our enthusiasm for owning a boat!!